Chol Hamoed Peasach on Ammunition Hill

Ammunition Hill holds great significance in the formation of the modern Jewish State. It became the historic site of the battle for the reunification of Jerusalem. Early in the morning of June 6, 1967, believing they outnumbered the Jordanians by 3 to 1 based on erroneous intelligence, about 150 Israeli paratroopers attacked the hill. In fact, the Jordanians numbered 150. Fierce hand-to-hand combat ensued with stories of personal heroism and sacrifice in abundance. By 8:00 am, the hill was Israel’s but not without sustaining losses—36 were killed, 90 wounded. Seventy-one Jordanians died in the battle. On June 7, 1967, when the words “har habayit beyadenu,” “the Temple Mount is in our hands,” were uttered, a 2000-year-old dream came true. With the Kotel as the prize, Ammunition Hill was the price.